The Gas Industry Safety Group brings together the principal organisations in the UK industry to promote gas safety

About Us

The primary objectives of GISG are to:

  • Promote gas safety.
  • Encourage cooperation amongst industry players to develop, introduce and improve practices for the safe transmission, storage and use of gas throughout the UK.
  • Ensure the safety of consumers and the public.

Who we are

Since its formation in 2000, the Gas Industry Safety Group (GISG) has brought together the UK’s gas industry to maintain and improve safety performance.

GISG promotes gas safety by improving cooperation and coordination throughout the industry, sharing best practice, commissioning key research and providing an opportunity to address safety issues on a collaborative basis.

GISG is respected and recognised by Government, Ofgem and the Health and Safety Executive, and is frequently called upon to work on key aspects of gas safety regulation and legislation. In this environment, GISG has been instrumental in solving problems and providing innovative solutions whilst maintaining the UK’s gas safety record.

GISG members are gas shippers, suppliers, network operators, infrastructure providers, manufacturers and contractors from across the gas value chain.

What we do

GISG interacts with both the Energy Emergencies Executive Committee and the Gas Task Group, dealing with high-level vital issues such as climate change, telecommunications resilience and the National Emergency Plan, to ensure all aspects of safety and security of supply are monitored and that GISG members are notified of any relevant initiatives.

GISG works closely with Government and a wide range of stakeholders across the industry both in the UK and Europe, including the Health and Safety Executive, Ofgem, Gas Safe Register, British Standards Institute, Department for Energy and Climate Change, Trading Standards, and Energy & Utility Skills.

The GISG workplan links into the key issues within the Energy Emergencies Executive Committee and Gas Task Group, engaging the relevant stakeholders and encompasses the following areas around safety:

  • Standards. EU/UK legislation.
  • Safety initiatives.
  • Qualification and competency.
  • Industry change.
  • Influencing and we’ve done

What we’ve done

GISG has been at the heart of the development of gas safety related policy since its inception in 2000. Click here to see what activities GISG has been involved with.