The Gas Industry Safety Group brings together the principal organisations in the UK industry to promote gas safety



Why become a member?

Membership of GISG has a range of benefits and our members are able to make their case collectively and ensure their voices are heard by Government, regulators, the general public and other key stakeholders.

These benefits include:

  • Keeping abreast of industry activity.
  • Inputting into GISG consultation/legislation responses.
  • Ability to influence industry developments.
  • Networking with a wide range of member companies at meetings and events.
  • Influencing into/Credit from GISG funded research.
  • Promotion of company through GISG website.
  • Updates from Europe, the Energy Emergencies
  • Executive Committee and the Gas Task Group.
  • Influencing and standing with Government Departments,
  • Ofgem and the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Promoting gas safety.
  • Encouraging co-operation amongst industry players to develop, introduce and improve practices for the same transmission, storage and use of gas throughout the UK.
  • Ensuring the safety of consumers and the public.

How to become a member

The UK gas industry has a commendable safety record and we should all be interested in keeping it that way. Becoming a member of GISG will help make this possible.

GISG brings the principal organisations in the UK industry together to promote gas safety. Sustaining the integrity of the safety regime is a goal we all share and the industry can work together to achieve it through GISG.

Membership is open to any organisation with an interest in gas safety that wants to influence the changing industry around safety, share best practice with a wide network of organisations, and keep abreast of regulatory and legislative changes in the UK and across Europe.

Organisations interested in membership of GISG and supporting gas safety in the UK or overseas should contact Adrian McConnell on 020 7706 5155 or email